The History of Hatch Fireworks

Hatch Fireworks 2011

“Creating a fantastic family night out, celebrating the traditions of Bonfire Night whilst raising money for charity…”

The History of Hatch Fireworks

The annual bonfire & fireworks display held in Hatch Beauchamp was established over 40 years ago. Historically, the event was a small traditional style bonfire night celebration that welcomed residents and people from the surrounding villages. The event was run by a group of volunteers and was (and always will be) a completely non-profit making event. Any monies made were simply put into the kitty to pay for fireworks etc for the following year. The event started off being located on the village playing field in Hatch Beauchamp and locals were encouraged to tip their garden waste in the run up to the display to make the bonfire. A modest budget of approximately £2-300 was spent on fireworks and attendance was around 300 people.

In early 1998, the committee decided to call it a day and wanted a new set of volunteers to take over the running of the event. Initially, although the feeling was the event should continue, there were no volunteers and it looked the like the event was coming to an end. However in the summer of 1998, a new committee was formed after a team of volunteers was gathered, a successful display was undertaken that year. Following the success of the display under new management, it was decided from there on in, that the fireworks would not only be designed to music but the event itself would raise money for local charities. November 1999 was the first event under this style and popularity grew. With the help of a local radio station and a large advertising campaign, attendance went from approximately 600 people to nearly 2000!

The all new Hatch Fireworks was born and has grown from strength to strength year on year. Not only is the display choreographed to music, a successful BBQ and catering tent was run to warm up spectators and help raise further funds. Up until 2010, the event was still held on the village green. Due to the size the event had grown to, parking issues and the relocation of play equipment on the field, the committee was forced to find a new venue. In 2011, the event was held in the fields of Meare Court Farm just outside the village. With a new venue came new opportunities and attractions, such as a licensed bar. Although a great venue, parking was still an issue if the weather was not favourable. Despite the weather and conditions under foot, 2012 saw one of our largest turn outs. The need to find another venue was in the pipeline again due to the overwhelming support the event had.

2019 will be the seventh year at Taunton Racecourse. Its still exciting times for the committee, however still some sorrow that the event is no longer in the village. For those familiar with the venue will know of the huge space the location offers, the facilities, bar, hard standing and more importantly…car parking! Our promise it to continue to run the event in the same style that it has been run for years. Its not a commercial venture and still designed solely to raise money for charity. Without the support of valued volunteers and of course…YOUR support, the event simply could not continue. Thank you for continuing to help us and we look forward to seeing you on the 5th November this year!

The Firework Committee